Karen Corriero

Recently I was diagnosed with Barrettes Esophagitis. Dinneen is one of the most knowledgeable people about the mind, body and spirit and she helped me get to work immediately.

Dinneen is a great listener and has so many ideas that truly work. Last week I had my endoscopy and I am Barrettes free. My doctor told me whatever I was doing worked and to keep it up. Dinneen will always have my gratitude and eternal thanks. Funny I think of you so often. Every morning it’s ‘Dinneen said exercise before you get out of bed’ - now I wouldn’t dream of starting my day without doing it! ‘Dinneen said drink lots of water’- it’s hard and I’m still trying, but you are like that little angel on my shoulder whispering in my ear :) I went to the gym thought of you, trying to get to a yoga class...again Dinneen. Drinking my shakes , eating an avocado...well you get the point. Just wanted you to know you are a great influence in my life and always will be.