Hiram Lorenzen

Dinneen has not only changed my mind about food and how I exercise, she has taught me to listen to my body. I’ve dropped eight inches in my waist.


Grace Kiley

Dinneen has helped me realign with my physical and mental health, reminding me to access my own intelligence and natural desire for nutrition and self care.


Kalina Jasper

One of the major things that stood out to me when I first began working with Dinneen was her understanding that the path to health for each individual varies.


Karen Corriero

Recently I was diagnosed with Barrettes Esophagitis. Dinneen is one of the most knowledgeable people about the mind, body and spirit and she helped me get to work immediately.

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Murray Bauer

Private Investigator

Dinneen has shown me a new way of life. She has taught me the importance of healthy movement, nutrition, meditation, breathing and understanding my inner self.



Baby Planners of Charlotte

Dinneen's knowledge and life experience enabled me to become a champion of myself rather than a negative voice.


Program Curator

University of Chicago

I find Dinneen’s approach to be subtle and deep, in the sense that it is not overly concerned with quick results nor is it about setting radical goals that demand huge sacrifices.


Senior Merchandise Manager

Ralph Lauren

"Thanks so much for being my health "rock" over the past few months! I have studied health and wellness in the past in order to change my life but having you to talk to put me at ease and taught me that learning to listen and trust myself is an important tool in realizing my long-term health goals.