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I can help you get strong and healthy again and we’ll have fun doing it!

How does it work?

  • When you click Schedule, you will be directed to a window where you can complete an online New Client Form to fill out.

  • After filling out your Intake form, you’ll receive an email with available appointment times.

  • Once we’ve got our first appointment scheduled, you’ll review and return a waiver, coaching agreement and pre-pay for your appointment.

  • We meet in person or online and the healing journey begins.

Client Intake Form

Medical Waiver/Payment & Coaching Agreement


Now or Never

You’ve been putting off taking better care of yourself for too long. Let’s do this! Choose this plan if you’ve fallen off the healthy wagon (or never got on in the first place) and you’re looking for an overhaul. Ongoing scheduling is individualized according to your needs but research has shown that weekly appointments for 90 days will solidify your healthy habits.

  • $2200 for 45 minute sessions
  • once-weekly
  • 90 days (valued at $100 per session)

One and Done

You adapt quickly and you’re highly compliant when you set your sights on what you want. Choose this plan if you’re practically a health coach yourself, but you could use one solid month of weekly laser-focused coaching to take you to the next level.

  • $125 each 45 minute session

  • (valued at $125 per session)

Phyto Quickie

Got a quick question? Looking for confirmation that you’re on the right track? Choose this option if you already know the plant-based basics and you want a life-line of support. No commitment necessary! Quickie clients just submit a Laser Focused Phyto Form and then schedule your Quickie appointment whenever you need an ally.

  • $50 per 15 minutes

  • (valued at $150 for a 45 minute session)

Phyto Group

You love sharing your health journey and you appreciate hearing about others’ challenges and questions. This 90 day Phyto Group Coaching Program happens twice yearly and space is limited to just a few people. Sign up for the Wait List to be notified when the next Phyto Group is about to begin.

  • $1687 for 60 minute group coaching sessions
  • once weekly
  • 90 days (valued at $75/session)


  • –More energy
  • –Better sleep
  • –Kitchen Shortcuts
  • –New and delicious Recipes
  • –An improved relationship with yourself
  • –Prioritization of family, friends, health, and work
  • –Chronic Disease Management

  • –Less stress
  • –Better digestion
  • –Better elimination
  • –Vibrant skin
  • –Detoxification
  • –A leaner, lighter, healthier physique
  • –Achievable plans of action towards your health goals
  • –Less pain
  • –Fewer cravings
  • –Stronger immune system
  • –Less inflammation
  • –Innovative daily exercise ideas
  • –Weekly accountability
  • –An understanding of foods that nourish and heal
  • Her breadth of knowledge plus her warmth and support has turned my behavior and attitude toward a positive and joyful renewal. Working with her is not just a quick fix, it has life-long implications. Dinneen has helped me realign with my physical and mental health, reminding me to access my own intelligence and natural desire for nutrition and self care.
  • Grace Kelly
  • Actress, Producer, Professor
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