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  • “I’m a plant-strong holistic health coach, a therapeutic movement teacher trainer and the creator of Retrain Back Pain®. I want to help you become as strong and healthy as you want to be”

I’m dedicated to helping you reach your health goals

Thank you for taking this important first step toward improving your health. You can email me, Tweet me or like Phytolistic on Facebook! I am in the business of helping people acquire the skills and support for long-term super-self-care. My work is all about helping my friends, my family, my colleagues and my community to make better lifestyle choices so that we can all live long, happy, healthful lives together.

My Story

I used to be a Cheesacarbavarian (cheese-a-carb-a-varian).

At the age of 12, I gave up meat for lent. I quickly realized how much better I felt without it and also how much better the earth would be if we all ate less of it. Fast forward a few decades. A dedicated yoga practice brought with it the undeniable awareness that my cheesacarbavarianism was becoming a problem for me. Experimenting periodically with "elimination protocols" and "detoxification programs" pointed to the ill effects of my ways and when my young son was experiencing recurring ear infections, he and I booth gave up dairy. We consider ourselves a plant-strong family, meaning, we do the best we can without the the ill-effects of meat, cheese or dogma.

After many decades of dedicated research about plant-powered living, I realized that I had developed a uniquely textured and vast experiential body of knowledge regarding all things holistic (nutrition, anatomy, back pain, neuromotor control, immunity, herbology, homeopathy, stress management, breathing, just to name a few).

In the early 1990’s I completed my 500 hour yoga teacher training and spent the next 13 years teaching at Yoga Zone/Be Yoga/YogaWorks. After many years of over-doing the yoga thing, I discovered Yoga Tune Up® and my path and purpose was forever changed. I am currently a Senior Teacher Trainer for Tune Up Fitness® and I continue to be inspired on a never-ending journey of kinesthetic critical thinking inspired by my friend and mentor, Jill Miller. You can find my classes, workshops and teacher training schedule for both Tune Up® and Retrain Back Pain® HERE!


My work is to illuminate and motivate my students, whom I love dearly, about eating, moving, breathing and living with awareness so that they are able reconnect to their bodies, their sense of self and the world around them. I am awed by the adaptive, resilient, healing capacity of the human form. I am honored for the opportunity to work with so many diverse and inspiring people, just like you.