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phyto • listic

  • phy·to·nu·tri·ent [fīt-ō-nü-trē-nt]
  • n. A substance derived from plants
  • that is beneficial to health.
  • ho·lis·tic [ho-lis´tik]
  • n. Pertaining to interconnected parts, explicable only by reference to the whole.

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Posted @withrepost • @unionize_yoga 🦄“Unions, by and large, are democratic organizations with freely chosen leaders and policies determined by the membership. They concern themselves with individual dignity not only in their aims but in their method.” - Robert Kennedy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “I often say that I am in the business of empowerment yet without a voice, I have allowed myself to become disempowered in my work. Back in the early 2000’s when I first trained to become a yoga teacher, trainees were expected to hang around the studio for “karma yoga” duties. This meant doing unpaid work like stacking backjacks, sweeping floors, taking inventory, etc. We now know that was illegal. We didn’t know it then because we didn’t have a voice or anyone advocating for us. Yogis-in-training were expected to assist senior teachers for free. We’d cross our fingers that hanging around the studio long enough would demonstrate our commitment and therefore put us in consideration for acquiring a coveted yoga class on the schedule. That class would either pay nothing or next to nothing. Which teachers scored new classes, why they were awarded those classes and how much they were being compensated has always been an enigma. Performance reviews were occasional, if at all and until recently organizing together we had no idea how much money our colleagues were making. Now that we are talking amongst ourselves, the inequities and illegalities that we’ve collectively put up with over the years are far too numerous list here. We are not magic fairies who can live off of prana and the kindness of our hearts. We are highly-trained professionals and we deserve to be treated and compensated as such. The majority of my yoga, pilates, fitness and therapeutic movement colleagues are highly-educated, with thousands of hours of training and teaching experience plus oodles of continuing education credits. Yet we are neither acknowledged nor compensated for our teaching seniority, nor our advanced degrees nor our specialized therapeutic skill sets. I see unionization as an exciting new way to grow collaboratively with our studio employers and I am proud to be part of this new framework to im

💡FINALLY PAIN FREE 💡 At my most recent workshops in New Jersey, I introduced a multitude of clever Retrain Back Pain lessons followed by challenging rehab movement sessions and plenty of Q&A 💡 Many of the ideas and the exercises were all-new for these intrepid workshop participants, several of whom hobbled in to the room uncomfortably 💡Everyone left very excited, a bit overwhelmed and very appreciative of our time together. 🙏Thank you, Nicole D’Andrea @Black kbird_yoga_studio for hosting me and thank you for forwarding me this wonderful feedback from one of our (previously hobbling) participants. 💕 This type of response really makes my heart sing. 👉🏼 If you’re interested in hosting Retrain Back Pain programming at your gym, studio or place of business, let’s talk. 😘 Dinneen 🗽 (NYC) . . #retrainbackpain #backrehab #herniateddiscrecovery #spondy #spondylolisthesis

TEN days until my Autumn YTU Core Integration Retreat kicks off @kripalucenter in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Lenox, Massachusetts! 🍁 this retreat is for every body 🍁its a great time to breathe, relax, reset 🍁you’ll learn how to better support & train your core 🍁we’ll embody fun anatomy lessons for your core, back, shoulders, hips & pelvic floor 🍁you’ll get therapy ball rolling sequences for your muscles, scars, joints and organs 🍁develop therapeutic self-care (& client-care) skills 🍁get to the core of who you think you are and who you want to become 🍁get stronger by moving smarter 🍁Learn diaphragm vacuum (uddiyana bandha) & abdominal churning (#nauli) 🍁enjoy unparalleled nutritious and delicious food 🍁schedule Ayurvedic or traditional spa treatments 🍁read a book 🍁journal 🍁walk around the labyrinth 🍁stroll down to the lake 🍁go for an invigorating fall hike 🍁jump in the jacuzzi 🍁sweat in the sauna 🍁sleep in 🍁drop in to Kripalu’s yoga, journey dance or meditation classes 🍁use the fitness center ~~ There’s SO much to do and yet you’re not compelled to do any of it. You make your own schedule... but with no cooking or cleaning, just taking care of yourself Sunday evening 10/27 through Friday lunch 11/1. ~~ Call Kripalu to secure your room (dorm, semiprivate or private) (866) 200-5203 ~~ Click my bio link>Events to read more about it. Message me if you’re interested but have specific questions. Dinneen


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