Top 10 Ways to Reduce Inflammation

phyto • listic

  • phy·to·nu·tri·ent [fīt-ō-nü-trē-nt]
  • n. A substance derived from plants
  • that is beneficial to health.
  • ho·lis·tic [ho-lis´tik]
  • n. Pertaining to interconnected parts, explicable only by reference to the whole.

Phytolistic Holistic Health Coaching

  • Empowers you to create and maintain
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Feelin It 💨 Thx @coachpanda @adamjk #Repost @coachpanda ・・・ True AF #Repost @elephantjournal with @get_repost ・・・ Art by @ adamjk

🤕 #hingecringe 🤕 Look around Instagram, it’s full of lithe bodies in exotic locations doing extraordinary things with their bodies. In this photo (google image: “free to use and share”), our model is not back-bending as much as she is hinge-ing in one place. That same place where most back problems occur, right at L4/5. Despite the heroic pose, if you look carefully she appears to have limited hip, spine and shoulder range. The “ideal” back bend will look more like a rainbow arc and less like a hinge. I post this not to shame my yoga friends but to demonstrate that just because you can “make the shape” doesn’t mean you should. We go over this in my Retrain Back Pain 4 Yoga workshops. If you’d like to host me at your studio, let me know #hingecringe #retrainbackpain #yoga #yogawheelpose #danurasana #backbend #yogabackbend #yogainjury #yogabackpain #backpainsucks

👉🏼 CORE STABILITY 👈🏼 📍”I need to strengthen my core” for most people they’re thinking “abs” 📍Planks and crunches may help but they aren’t the be all to end all back pain 📍Core stability involves lateral and posterior stabilizing muscles as well as the anterior abdominal core 📍Magic happens when your exercises are complex movements integrating breath, mindset, grip, shoulders, back, hips/pelvic floor and legs 📍We need dynamic responsiveness in all planes of motion #retrainbackpain #coreexercises #lowbackexercises ............... #Repost @centrodefya ・・・ Una de las definiciones más clásicas de estabilidad raquídea utilizadas en biomecánica e ingeniería es la desarrollada por Bergmark, quien formuló y relacionó matemáticamente los conceptos de energía, rigidez y estabilidad en relación con la columna vertebral. Según Bergmark, "La estabilidad raquídea es la habilidad del raquis para mantener su estado de equilibrio cuando es sometido a fuerzas perturbadoras o desequilibrantes." #stability #spine #neutralspine #lowbackpain #strength #strengthscience #noparesdeaprender #learnalways #beagoodtrainer


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