Top 10 Ways to Reduce Inflammation

phyto • listic

  • phy·to·nu·tri·ent [fīt-ō-nü-trē-nt]
  • n. A substance derived from plants
  • that is beneficial to health.
  • ho·lis·tic [ho-lis´tik]
  • n. Pertaining to interconnected parts, explicable only by reference to the whole.

Phytolistic Holistic Health Coaching

  • Empowers you to create and maintain
  • lifestyle improvements via plant-strong holistic living.



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View recipes, plant-strong tips and brilliant blogs to help you become better and stronger! Phytolistic Holistic Health Coaching empowers you to create and maintain lifestyle improvements via plant-strong holistic living.


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🌱 AvoPea Caprese 🌱 This will be our go-to 2018 summer appy & snack! . . . RECIPE 1 Orange Heirloom Tomato, sliced 1 bag Cascadian Farms frozen Petite Peas 1/2 Avocado, mashed Vidalia onion, minced Parsley, salt, pepper . . . #eatplants #eatfortheplanet #plantsheal #veganglutenfree #avocadolover #sweetpeas #caprese

🌟 ROCKSTAR CLIENT🌟 I am inspired by the determination & rate of healing of this Retrain Back Pain client/colleague/friend. Having lived several years in pain, client now reports greater than 85% reduction in symptoms in under 8 months & had reported 65% reduction in the first 4 months. ⚡️Having the proof of an MRI scan is a rare, but welcome confirmation that the work works! ⚡️ Sure, a bulge with grade 1 spondy may have resolved on its own, but until we started working together, symptoms were worsening. What did we do? We collaboratively coached Retrain(ing) Back Pain re: mindset, guarding, diet, lifestyle, posture, driving, work, stress, exercise, therapeutic releases & then re-strengthening. The true value was in the ongoing coaching as we artfully adapted dosages for all of the above. We met in person in Europe 3x + Skyped bimonthly for 4 months and then as-needed. These last few months we’ve only Skyped 2x. We are psyched.

✨ #DearHealingBody ✨ We all need inspiration when our bodies are challenged and the healing journey seems interminable. Yesterday I posted about my knee injury/recovery in letter-form ✉️, which began “Dear Left Knee”... What’s YOUR compassionate healing story? We’ve all got one (or ten)! #injurieshappen | This is a fresh version of “talk to the hand”🖐🏼Instead of stopping the conversation, let’s move it forward 👉🏼🤟 Our bodies work so darn hard for us in so many ways! It’s 🥜 nuts 🥜really, what we put ourselves through. And when we get injured 🤕 we get mad 😤don’t we? Then, sometimes, our exercise practice is about “fixing” or “punishing” more than it’s about listening, supporting and compassionately engaging in healthful movements. There’s a time for prescriptive routines/WODs/classes and then there’s got to be ample time for rest, recovery, therapeutics and self-appreciation. When’s the last time you really talked 🗣 to your body?? Have you forgiven 🌹your injury? I hope you will share your compassionate recovery story-letter: “Dear (body part)...” Feel free to repost this. Use hashtag #DearHealingBody so we can follow along and support 🌈 each other. 💋 Love, Dinneen


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