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  • phy·to·nu·tri·ent [fīt-ō-nü-trē-nt]
  • n. A substance derived from plants
  • that is beneficial to health.
  • ho·lis·tic [ho-lis´tik]
  • n. Pertaining to interconnected parts, explicable only by reference to the whole.

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#Repost @drjoemuscolino with @get_repost ・・・ When the quadratus lumborum (QL) is tight, it can create a postural distortion pattern of an elevated pelvic bone (“hiking the hip”). So whenever we find an elevated iliac crest, we need to assess the QL on that side to see if it is all or part of the cause. #ql #quadratuslumborum #posture #hipjoint #manualtherapy #movementtherapy #orthopedicmassage #remedialmassage #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #chiropractic #digitalcomt #clinicalorthopedicmanualtherapy

💢QUADRATUS LUMBORUM💢 In this photo I’m helping a student locate her QL so we can roll it with a therapy ball. FUNCTION==> This muscle is a major lumbar spine stabilizer. Ever see someone who tilts to one side? Look for QL imbalance. When both function together the muscles extend the spine, when one works solo it’ll laterally flex and slightly rotate. The main antagonist is the opposite side QL. LOCATION ==>Your QL attaches to the transverse processes of your top four vertebrae (L1-4) and your twelfth rib and it’s quadrangle inferior aspects insert in to your posterior iliac crest and also your iliolumbar ligament. PAIN==> the QL is overly demonized as a predominant cause of of low back pain. If it hurts, sure stretch and roll@it but then activate it Stay tuned! MORE VIDEOS TO COME: How to self-locate your QL / How to Roll it / How to Stretch It / How to Activate it . . 📅 Join me @yogaworks_nyc to learn ALL about therapy ball fascial therapeutics! To register click my bio link > Events 😘 ~Dinneen . . . 📷 by Susannah @bodymindunwind Student: @resipeters Event: March 2019 The Roll Model trainings in Zaandam, NL. . #retrainbackpain #quadratuslumborum #backpainexercises #lowbackpainrelief #lowbackpainrehab #therollmodel #tuneupfitness #yogatuneuptherapyballs

👋 Hey there! Nice to meet you. I’m Dinneen. I’m wise, witty, fun, fearless and almost fifty. I’m a dedicated wife, a loving mother and a loyal friend. I bike, I lift weights, I roll on balls, I snowboard and I'm also an excellent plant-strong cook. Whenever possible, I try to get to the beach or as close to the water as possible. I am a voracious non-discriminatory student of “that which heals”. This ensures that I’m always learning and improving, neither complacent nor attached to the knowledge or the ways that I already hold as true. I am honored and delighted to be celebrated as “a teacher of teachers” to my fellow colleagues. 💋 Dinneen


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