Top 10 Ways to Reduce Inflammation

phyto • listic

  • phy·to·nu·tri·ent [fīt-ō-nü-trē-nt]
  • n. A substance derived from plants
  • that is beneficial to health.
  • ho·lis·tic [ho-lis´tik]
  • n. Pertaining to interconnected parts, explicable only by reference to the whole.

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  • Empowers you to create and maintain
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🍂FALL RETREAT INVITE🍂 Join me September 22-27 at Kripalu (in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachussetts) for The Functional Shoulder Retreat for Yoga, Movement and Beyond 🌈 This event will be all about the shoulder, the upper back, neck, elbows, wrist and hands. This immersive self-care experience will provide you with embodied anatomy, tools and self-care practices that will keep you active and pain-free for years to come. 🌈 If your neck, wrist or shoulder has been bugging you for years, but you keep living with pain, this event is for you. 🌈 Kripalu is consistently rated one of the top 3 retreat centers in the US. 🌈 Each morning we'll enjoy a long practice, then lunch, then we'll reconvene for afternoon anatomy lecture, video and some key teaching skills. 🌈 You'll be done by 4pm so the rest of the day is all yours to R&R as you like! 🌈 The September weather will be divine, and the food is amazing. You can also enjoy miles of hiking trails, head to the lake, book an ayurvedic or traditional spa treatment, work out in the gym, soak in the sauna or just read a book and reset. Kripalu-led early morning and evening yoga and meditation classes will also be available. 🌈 Squee! It's going to be so good @neanzi.bellantoni from Boston will be assisting :) 🌈Tag a friend who needs this 😘Dinneen . . @tuneupfitness @yogatuneup #kripalu #kripalucenter #kripalulove #kripaluyogateacher #kripaluyoga #berkshires #shouldersimmersion #yogatuneup #therollmodel #functionalshoulder #shoulderrehabilitation

How do you know if your vertebral segments are too mobile or if they could benefit from some mobilization? Get assessed! . Each vertebral segment depends on the one above + the one below as well as the dynamic springy-stability of the entire spinal column, including discs, facets, ligaments, tendons, nerves and muscles. Consider that some spinal segments may need stiffening stabilization while other segments may benefit from mobilization. 😘 . . #Repost @yogatuneup with @get_repost ・・・ Did you know I’m the former #anatomy columnist for @yogajournal ? Here’s a portion of one of my faves I wrote on the #thorax. _ Got back pain? You’re in good company: About 80 percent of Americans experience back problems at some point. Most people attribute back pain to their low backs(lumbar spine) or necks (cervical spine), but oftentimes issues in the thoracic spine—the upper back—are actually to blame. _ Although the thoracic spine doesn’t get much attention, it’s literally the backbone for your lungs and heart, surrounded by your rib cage, which protects these vital organs. Of the spine’s 70 joints, 50 percent are in the thoracic spine. If you factor in the additional 20 specialty joints (called the #costotransversejoints ) that help your ribs articulate and move, you’ll quickly understand that your #thoracicspine is a workhorse responsible for two-thirds of the movement in your torso—so the odds of something going awry are high. _ Despite the thoracic spine’s potential for movement, the unique design of your upper back and #ribcage does not allow for as much movement as you may think. This is to protect your lungs and heart: excess motion here could impact these key organs. What’s more, the vertebrae of the thoracic spine interlock with one another and act as a hard stop during back bends—again, to defend your internal organs. - These movement-inhibiting mechanisms are important. However, if you lack the proper amount of mobility in your thoracic spine, then the most mobile junction of your spine—T12/L1, the lowest point of the thoracic spine and the highest part of the lumbar spine—may become #hypermobile to make up for it (particularly in #backbends ). Lack of thoracic


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