Yoga Tune Up® & Therapy Ball Privates


Yoga Tune Up® Privates & Therapy Ball Privates are private sessions with just you and your teacher. During private sessions, we can focus on whatever you want and whatever you need. We might focus on improving breath patterning, assessing postural habits and incorporating anti-stress techniques such as meditation, yoga nidra and CNS down-regulation.  Utilizing the unique grippy, portable YTU Therapy Balls we can initiate active muscle release and myofascial release techniques.  Traditional yoga postures crop up, but we will mostly focus on YTU's unique corrective exercises to access the diaphragm, turn on the deep core layers, mobilize and stabilize structural joints.  Sometimes it's Yoga Tune Up® sometimes it's all Therapy Balls, often it's a combination, but it's always just right for you.


The private setting allows the student-teacher relationship to blossom: You receive the individualized program that’s right for you, for that particular day and I am able to focus entirely on the singular body and breath before you, making suggestions, adjustments and tailoring the learning process according to our shared practice experience.


The beauty of the private sessions is that you can designate the place! Home, office, park, terrace; have props, will travel!


Sometimes a yoga private can be you and a friend, a loved one, a teenager, or a parent.  I teach a select number of yoga privates each week. See my bio here. Teaching yoga for nearly 15 years has allowed me great exposure to some of New York’s specialized teachers and healers. If you would like to practice yoga but have a particular health condition, I can refer you to New York’s best Yoga Therapists, Massage Therapists, Structural Integrationists or Women's Health Physical Therapists. These highly specialized teachers have experience working with spinal injury and rehab, cancer survivors, and other unique demographics.


Contact me directly if you are interested in scheduling a private yoga lesson with me. We will arrange an agreed upon start time and off we go!

Group Privates

Group Privates are super fun. Offer to host a Stress Management Session for your team.  Or pull together any small gathering for a Yoga Tune Up® Group Private or a Therapy Ball Self-Care Rolling Adventure.  

  • Work colleagues
  • Family (Reunions, holiday weekends)
  • Athletic Teams (high school, collegiate or community-based)
  • Meetups and Support Groups