Weight Loss Program


You, me, your family and your co-workers. It takes a village! I will be your Tribal Leader, your Phtyo-Guru, your Confidant and Coach with whom you will check in at least once per week to keep our Weight Loss Partnership on track.


The Phyto Weight Loss Program is not a diet. It’s a holistic program that examines many different parts of your life to find out what habits are holding you back and how we can incorporate new awareness practices that will keep us safe, healthy and happy. We will identify new way of living, sleeping, thinking, exercising, shopping for and prepping your food.


Everywhere! The Phyto Weight Loss Program takes holidays, social gatherings, work place snacking, vacations and daily commuting into consideration. We want to be consistent and we want to eat well all the time.


The Phyto Weight Loss Program empowers you to attain your ideal weight, improve your energy, sleep more soundly, improve your body’s immune defenses and resist chronic diseases. There is no failure in this program. We will succeed with a dedicated practice forgiveness, awareness and accountability.


We can begin when you are ready to change. Are you prepared to let go of old habits and re-learn new healthful habits? We may only work together for a finite number of months but our work will resonate for you and guide you for years to come!


One 30 minute phone call per week. We can also iChat or Skype those sessions if you prefer. Plus emails and some text messaging (for clarifications and your Accountability Check-Ins).