Transition To Plant-based Nutrition


You, me, your loved ones and maybe your doctor(s).


Getting off the Standard American Diet of highly inflammatory processed foods and getting on the plant-based healing lifestyle.



Plant foods are abundant, delicious and nutritious. Better digestion, less constipation More energy, better sleep Phytonutrient party for your tummy, every day, all day. Let the healing begin! Animal products are full of saturated fat and cholesterol while they contain no fiber or phytonutrients versus plant-based foods which are low in saturated fats and cholesterol and very high in fiber and healing phytonutrients. It’s time to tread more lightly on the earth and reducing our consumption of animal products is the #1 way to Save the Earth. Really.


When you are ready, friend.


By phone, email, face-to-face food prep workshops and maybe some dining out adventures! Traditionally my coaching model is that we meet by phone for 30 minutes once per week but I would be happy to customize a plan just for you.