Recipe Workshops


You and me (and maybe a loved one or a video camera operator!)


We’ll make the recipes and then enjoy a tasting together. Some recipes we’ll prepare and take home include but are in no way limited to: Black Bean Salad Magnificent Miso Hummus Phyto Sushi Escarole and Bean Soup Avocado Basil Salad Dressing Dijon Herb Cider Vinaigrette Popular Indian Dishes (Mung Dal, Bhindi Masala, Vegan Saag)


Your kitchen or mine (usually mine)


Learn a few new, exciting recipes that you’ll want to eat regularly. Get out of old habits, try new foods and have fun!


Phyto Recipe Workshops usually take 3 hours but can be customized.


I shop and prep most ingredients prior to your arrival. You bring containers for take-home.