Raw Living Foods


You and me (and maybe a gifted raw living foods chef)


RAW LIVING FOODS COACHING and RAW LIVING FOODS RECIPE WORKSHOPS Manage/reverse diabetes, heart disease and cancer, among other ailments. Understanding acid/alkaline balance What to eat and how to make it (nut cheeses of your choice, Energy Soup, Green Smoothies, Living Cabbage Slaw, PhytoJuices, Jicama Rice, Sushi Nori Rolls, etc.) Must-have appliances Tried and true time-saving kitchen techniques Where to dine, where to shop, what to read. Find support groups


Coaching by phone, Recipe Workshops in my kitchen or yours.


Better digestion, less constipation More energy, better sleep Phytonutrient party, every day all day! Raw Living Foods have been proven to increase the body’s ability to heal itself from chronic illnesses and improve immune function. The solo Raw trip can be isolating. It’s better, easier and more fun when you have a friend to support and guide you through crazy lifestyle transitions!


When you are ready, friend.


By phone, email, face-to-face food prep workshops and maybe some dining out adventures! Traditionally my coaching model is that we meet by phone for 30 minutes once per week but I would be happy to customize a plan just for you to speed up your learning curve.