Phytolistic Juicing


You, me and your juicer.


Learn how to juice, how to store your produce, how long the juices last, what is the difference between pressed, augur and centrifugal juicers.


Your kitchen or mine.


Juicing offers us a unique opportunity to consume the nutritive value of many pounds of phytonutrient-rich produce without overburdening our digestive system with the arduous task of breaking down several pounds of fiber. Juicing is a vital part of the Phytolistic wellness philosophy. Buying a juicer is a lot cheaper than paying $10 per juice: It pays for itself in a month. Phytolistic Juicing Workshops and Coaching Support will save you a lot of time, money, self-doubt and frustration that it takes most new juicers a long time to figure out on their own. You are more likely to enjoy juicing and stick with it if it is a pleasurable, non-complicated process. It’s sooo good and sooo good for you!


When you are ready, my friend.


Together we will determine your Juicing Goals and develop a customized Phytolistic Juice Coaching and/or Phtyolistic Juicing Workshop Program to suit your specific needs.