Nutrition & Lifestyle Health Coaching


You, me, your family and your co-workers. It takes a village! I will be your Tribal Leader, your Phtyo-Guru, your Confidant and Coach with whom you will check in at least once per week in order to achieve consistent successes towards your Health Goals.


The Phytolistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coaching Program is a holistic approach to health. We look at your Health Wheel to determine what areas require immediate action, we set achievable short-term goals that incrementally add up to long-term success. We learn and practice the 3 P’s of the Phytolistic Lifestyle.


By phone, by email, in the car, at a restaurant, in the airport, on vacation. Phytolistic Lifestyle Coaching takes place by phone but our work, like the Force will be with you always.


You need to take better care of yourself. You want more energy, less stress, better sleep. You deserve to live long, feel well and look good! If you don’t start taking better care of yourself you won’t be able to care for those around you much longer. You’ve just received some jarring negative health news and you want to heal yourself or recover holistically. You have kids and grandkids... Research has proven that Health Coaching greatly improves candidates’ ability to achieve their stated health goals. You can’t be everything all the time: We see a qualified professional for accounting advice, for medical advice or for veterinary advice - I am your qualified professional for Health, Nutrition, and Holistic Lifestyle advice!


When you are truly ready to make long-lasting and significant changes to your status quo. I am only interested in success stories and I can only work with those clients who are genuinely and strongly motivated to improve their health.


One 30 minute phone call per week. We can also iChat or Skype those sessions if you prefer. Plus emails and some text messaging (for clarifications and your Accountability Check-Ins).