Kitchen Makeover

Lets get rid of the junk so we can make space for yummy, phyto-rich foods!


You and me (and maybe a professional cleaning service!)


Dust off, clean out, organize, and re-stock your kitchen for success. Get rid of those five year old spices and the painted frog from your niece. Keep what's necessary, get rid of what's not. Everything has it's place and I'm happy to find it for you. Once we've dusted, cleaned out and organized, it's time to re-stock your kitchen with the tools, appliances and basic food and spice staples that will guarantee food prep success (and save you a ton of money).


Your kitchen of course! But we'll also make a second stop at the charity establishment of your choice to drop off all your cast-off mugs, measuring cups and non-essential goods.


If you don't take care of your kitchen how will you be able to take care of yourself? Most chronic disease begins in the gut. The more processed your food is, the less energy and nutrition it contains. It's time to wipe down the fridge and break out the blender!


When you are ready to get healthy and take responsibility for how your food is prepared and how much money you spend eating out or buying processed and store-bought nonsense. Don't wait until you have time, because that time never comes.


Let's pick a day and just do it.