Detoxification Program

Detoxification is the process of cleansing the body of harmful substances to restore the body's natural healing ability. We’ll work together through the 4 Phase Phyto-Detox Process: Eliminate, Pre-Cleanse, Cleanse and Post-Cleanse The 4 Phase Phtyo-Detox Process results in healthy intestines that can perform their 3 Jobs: Digest food Absorb and distribute nutrients Prevent toxins from entering the body


Me and you, in partnership. I can answer (almost) all your questions, help you choose the program that's right for you and help you manage and complications or questions along the way. Group Detox Tune Ups will also be available in the near future, offering valuable community support with other detoxers just like you.


Learn about ways to increase the benefits of detoxification, how to skin brush, what exercises to do, what exercises not to do, which hydrotherapy that will exponentially increase your detox experience, how to stimulate your lymphatic system while cleansing, which teas/herbs/vitamins/supplements will support the organs of detoxification and reduce heavy metal toxicity, and more.


Detox Tune Ups happen at your home, with professional healing therapists in office and throughout your normal work day. We use your local juice bar home delivery juice cleanse as a core component of our program. Note: You will NOT need to be next to a bathroom for days on end.


A Detox Cleanse gives your body, and especially your digestive system, a break from dietary and lifestyle habits that may be creating chronic inflammation and ultimately disease. It's like getting your car tuned up. Imagine if you didn't clean or tune up your car for 40 or 50 years; it wouldn't run very well. If you scored a 5-10 on the Toxicity Quiz, it's probably time to Tune Up. If you scored 10 or more on the Toxicity Quiz, your body is in distress and it's seriously time to detox.


You can initiate a Detox Tune Up seasonally, when you need to press the restart button on your healthy habits or if you are experience a healing crisis.


Through the use of herbs, aromatherapy, fresh pressed juices, breathing techniques and other specialized cleansing therapies tailored to suit your individual needs. You will receive a Detoxification Program based on our mutual assessment of your current healing crisis, your time and your financial condition. It is important to Eliminate, Pre-Cleanse, Cleanse and Post-Cleanse according to our plan. If these pre- and post-cleanses are not properly followed you risk dumping toxins into your blood stream and creating more dis-ease in the body.