Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue doesn't happen overnight.  It's a very common problem in which our adrenal glands are working overtime to keep us alert.  Adrenal Glands sit atop our kidneys and they are responsible for producing cortisol and adrenaline - both very active stress hormones.  When the adrenals are contstantly "on" the body is flooded with these stress compounds which deplete us of energy, disrupt our sleep, mess with our moods and precipitate a host of other complex and negative metabolic reactions.

The road to restoring adrenal function is a long one, but with care and consistency, "we can rebuild"!

Here are a few tips:

Adrenal Diet DO's:

Vegetables, low-sugar fruit, seaweed (for minerals), 20% carbohydrates, pasture-raised meats (if eating meat)

Adrenal Diet DON'Ts:

Caffeine, sugar, high potassium foods


Gaia Adrenal Support, vitamin C, Magnesium (& others)


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