We are our own best Resource

Awareness brings knowledge, intuition and understanding.  Get to know every inch of your body inside and out:  Get to know your skin, your muscles, your nerves and your organs because no doctor or health coach will ever know more than you do about what you need.

Learn how to meditate, how to down-regulate, how to manage your stress.  Come to terms with your emotional baggage, and in so doing you will come to understand the issues in our tissues; we literally carry our wear-and-tear in our non-verbal mannerisms (our walk, how we stand...)

This section is designed to provide you with additional tools, links and ideas that you can add to your Knowledge Toolbox so that you can better take care of you and those who depend on you.  

These Resource Links will guide you towards some of the trusted professionals from within my Healing Circle.


Resources are "Perpetual Progress"  

The links and resources contained herein are a work in progress and the full scope of this Resources section may take years to fulfill.  As you dive into your journey of health research, know this:  At the basis of good health is love, hydration, movement and the abundant consumption of natural plants and herbs.  Plant foods contain all of nature's vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients and antioxidants with very little saturated fat.  When in doubt, EAT MORE PLANT FOODS!!   You can research good health until the cows come home, but at the end of the day, put down the box, bag or can and find yourself at the table with an abundance of plants and many of our major disease symptoms will start to wane.

"He died from eating too many vegetables" - said no one, ever!