Super Shower for Valentine's Day

Super Shower for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day fast approaching this week, I challenge you to try this easy 10 minute Super Shower self-care routine.   Who says Valentine's Day is about having a date or baking cookies? This tip is dedicated to celebrating every square inch of YOU!

It's been said that we cannot love another well until we learn to love ourselves, but we're not talking about the my-shit-doesn't-stink kind of ego self-love.  Rather: Do you respect yourself and how does this self-respect manifest?  Do you value your uniqueness, your intelligence, your creativity?  Do you go out of your way to care for yourself?  Are you sleeping enough? Do you eat well? Do you care for your feet? Your hands? Your skin?  

Where would we be without these AMAZING bodies?  These vessels that enshroud our souls and carry our heart-brains from point A to point B?  In sickness and in health, it's your one and only body; it requires, nay, it DESERVES ample amounts of daily care!  


  1. GET STEAMY - If you've got a vent in your bathroom, close it so that your Super Shower vapors will help open up clogged pores.  
  2. GET NAKED - Undress with integrity, purpose, poise and balance. (30 seconds) 
  3. DRY BRUSH - Dry brushing takes place before you shower.  The natural bristles will exfoliate your skin (your largest organ!) and stimulate your lymphatic system (your body's superhighway for detoxification).  Not convinced? Dry brushing (and this whole Super Shower routine) will also reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Start dry brushing from the toes, working up towards the torso, sweeping circularly around each joint.  Don't forget the armpits!  You can use very light pressure around your more senstive, thin-skinned areas like your chest and breasts.  Any natural bristle brush will do.  (2 minutues)
  4. STEP IN - Step in to the shower and remain mindful of your body posture.  Stand with feet parallel, neutral spine. Let the water soak you.  Take 3 abdominal-thoracic breaths to center yourself. (1 minute)
  5. FACE IT - Using a wash cloth and warm water is an adequate way to clean the face.  If you're wearing makeup squirt some organic non-toxic facial cleanser on a clean wash cloth.  (1 minute)
  6. HEADY MASSAGE - Allow the shower to soak your hair and scalp completely.  Maintain neutral spine with a strong core as you flex your arms overhead to hair wash.  Use the tips of your fingers to massage (organic, non-toxic) shampoo into your scalp.  You can even use your fingernails for a light scalp scratch, working every square centimeter of the scalp.  Don't forget around the ears! (1 minute)
  7. EXFOLIATING SCRUB - Soap up an exfoliating mit or a long exfoliating cloth.  You can find these in asian markets.  Again, being mindful of how you use your body, begin at the ears and make circular motions until you end up at the toes (go over, under and in between toes).  Touch, graze, and scrub every inch of your body.   As you travel, make a mental note of undiscovered areas that haven't been washed or touched recently. (2 minutes)
  8. FOOT CARE - By the end of your shower, the tougher skin on your feet has softened up and here you can wet a pumice stone and then pumice the rough stuff away.  Think of it as making way for a new you (30 seconds)
  9. TOWEL DRY - Deliberately pat or sweep-dry every square inch of your body, right down to the ankles, between the toes and across thoese toenail cuticles!  (1 minute)
  10. NOURISH - Use a high-quality organic oil (I like sesame or coconut) or a non-perfumed, non-toxic lotion after towel drying to add moisture to your newly exfoliated skin.  Then you can drink a tall glass of water with lemon to further assist your lymphatic flush. (1 minute)  

There you go! 10 minutes later you will have vastly improved lymphatic and blood circulation.  Better circulation equals better blood flow, better oxygenation, better detoxification.  All of which will improve your mood, your energy levels, your heart function and your immune system.  What's more, you will have touched, cleaned, massaged and made contact with every delicious part of your body.  Incorporating mindfulness and postural awareness to your daily shpritz will leave you a more grounded and more empowered human -- with skin as soft as a baby's bottom!

The Super Shower doesn't haver to happen every single day, but it's a fabulous, cheap and easy self-care routine that you can initiate and implement immediately; no boyfriend or bon-bons required!  

Let me know how it goes!

Big love,  Dinneen