Hello Again!

Hello Again!

I know the Phytoblog's been scarce recently but here’s the thing:  Ambitious endeavors are susceptible to setbacks and disruptions.  
I’ve been noticing how running a multi-faceted business, launching a fancy new website, and managing various technological challenges is sort of similar to initiating a new fitness protocol or resolving to adhere to new diet and lifestyle regimen.  There are learning curves to absorb and new habits to build and sometimes life gets in the way and we fall of the wagon.  
What differentiates success versus failure is whether we get back on the wagon with a greater understanding of our missteps.

I am grateful for your support and I continue to be inspired by your committed dedication to health.

2013 was a pivotal year for me.  I finally got a handle on a back pain crisis that had been cramping my focus (and my fitness) for far too long.  
This year I added several key professionals to my “Healing Circle” and together we are at the forefront of what I consider to be a significant paradigm shift in holistic health and group fitness.  
As my friend and mentor, Jill Miller says, “Self-care is the new health care”.  It's true and THAT is crazy exciting!

In 2014 I will be teaching a jam-packed calendar of Yoga Tune Up® teacher trainings, classes and workshops both in NYC and in NJ.  
I aim to roll out several video blogs for Phytolistic and I’m also working on an eBook  and a cool new recipe taste book.

I am excited to re-launch the Phytoblog today (formerly known as Nutritious and Delicious) as a way to keep us all motivated and inspired towards healthful living.  I encourage you to email, tweet, and Facebook any and all posts that you like and please email me if there's a subject you'd like to read more about.

Yours in health,