Here's what some of my satisfied clients have to say about their experience:

Health Coaching

Dinneen has helped me realign with my physical and mental health, reminding me to access my own intelligence and natural desire for nutrition and self care. Not only her huge breadth of knowledge but her warmth and support has turned my behavior and attitude toward a positive and joyful renewal. Working with her is not just a quick fix, it has life long implications.

Actress, Producer, Professor

Thanks so much for being my health "rock" over the past few months! I have studied health and wellness in the past in order to change my life but having you to talk to put me at ease and taught me that learning to listen and trust myself is an important tool in realizing my long-term health goals. Tackling my health concerns often felt like a whirlwind mess but you helped me organize my thoughts and gave me a plan of action. I was completely stressed and self destructible before turning thirty. After talking to you, I realized that sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and we all, as human beings, have very similar experiences. I felt less alone. Thank you Dinneen, for your professional attitude and for helping me to embody a healthy existence

Senior Merchandise Manager, Ralph Lauren

Dinneen's knowledge and life experience enabled me to become a champion of myself rather than a negative voice. She helped me develop my awareness and forgiveness, to be able to handle situations that would have stopped my progress in the past. I feel calm, confident and empowered. Dinneen has many helpful strategies to make nutritionally sound food an easy option rather than a chore. Beyond Dinneen's professional experience, there is the joy of Dinneen, herself. It is hard to find a warmer, more genuine soul. She is caring, attentive and courteous. It was easy to make progress having someone that dedicated to helping me make myself a success.

CEO, Baby Planners of Charlotte

I find Dinneen’s approach to be subtle and deep, in the sense that it is not overly concerned with quick results nor is it about setting radical goals that demand huge sacrifices. I have always been struck by Dinneen’s commitment to bringing her knowledge to other people with great care, sensitivity, humor and humility. She has an intuitive sense about people and how to communicate with them. She is an incredible listener.

Program Curator, University of Chicago

Funny I think of you so often . Every morning it’s ‘Dinneen said exercise before you get out of bed’ - now I wouldn`t dream of starting my day with out doing it! ‘Dinneen said drink lots of water’- it’s hard and I’m still trying, but you are like that little angel on my shoulder whispering in my ear :) I went to the gym thought of you, trying to get to a yoga class...again Dinneen. Drinking my shakes , eating an avocado well you get the point. Just wanted you to know you are a great influence in my life and always will be.

CEO and Registered Nurse, Mobile Health Services

[Recently] I was diagnosed with Barrettes Esophagitis. Dinneen is one of the most knowledgeable people about the mind, body and spirit and she helped me get to work immediately. Dinneen is a great listener and has so many ideas that truly work. Last week I had my endoscopy and I am Barrettes free. My doctor told me whatever I was doing worked and to keep it up. Dinneen will always have my gratitude and eternal thanks.

CEO and Registered Nurse, Mobile Health Services

Dinneen has not only changed my mind about food, she has taught me to listen to my body. I’ve dropped eight inches in my waist. I've lost over fifty pounds. It's amazing how her knowledge and her dedication has helped me.

Senior Merchandise Planner, ABC Carpet & Home


NO MORE BACK PAIN! I've waited a long time to find a professional (bodyworker, therapist, yogi, trainer) like Dinneen! I started working with Dinneen for my back pain, but we didn't start on my back, she started at my fallen arches, then we worked on the valgus knees and now we're unwinding some crazy sacroiliac dysfunctions. Even the back "work" that we've done is unlike anything I've done in 6 years in and out of physical therapy. I feel like a whole new person. I am much more aware of how I move, sit, stand and run. Yes, I am running again! Dinneen is very experienced, very professional, and very easy to work with. Her understanding of anatomy informs her keen eye in assessing dysfunctional movement patterns and restoring movement is an organic and ingenious way.

Parent, Athlete, Non-Profit Executive Director - NYC

In the nick of time. Well into my senior years. I found the ideal and most delightful yoga instructor to guide me in melting my frozen limbs before they turned to stone. Dinneen's sensitive, knowledgeable and gentle instruction will keep me dancing and dancing and dancing.

Senior Lawyer

Dinneen is one of the most gifted yoga instructors for several reasons. One, she renders each session with creativity: I have been working with her for five years and no two sessions have been the same. She listens to and treats my needs with great sensitivity and respect: whether it is a restorative session, or a stress reducing session, or an invigorating session, her intuition is unparalleled. If you want to strengthen your body and make it more flexible, if you want to learn to connect your breath to your movements then Dinneen is the right yoga instructor for you. She is reliable and knows a lot about the body and how your muscles interact. She truly redefines what it means to be a yogi.

Senior Merchandise Planner, ABC Carpet & Home